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Vinyl is tough, resilient and water resistant. Appealingly, Vinyl is also affordable and easily installed.

As a versatile flooring product that adds unique design elements to any room, Vinyl tile is often suggested as a budget-friendly alternative to ceramic tile. Vinyl provides the look of tile floors at a reduced price.

Homeowners also choose vinyl because of the variety of aesthetics Vinyl floors can provide. Not only is Vinyl flooring available in any imaginable color pattern, but installation affords the opportunity for even more creativity. Install the tiles in a pattern, like a checkerboard, or use a single color to create an uninterrupted visual. Some Vinyl tiles even mimic the look of more natural flooring options like wood, stone, ceramic or slate.

How exactly is vinyl tile so durable? There are four layers in a single piece of Vinyl tile, three protective layers and one that presents the pattern. A urethane wear layer protects the floor from scratches and scuffs while a clear protective film protects against rips, tears and gouging. An additional structural Vinyl backing layer adds even more longevity of life.


Durable, affordable and low maintenance, Laminate flooring is the perfect solution for those who want the look and feel of hardwood at a more flexible price point.

Unlike hardwood, Laminate floors will not stain, fade, dent and are far more scratch and water resistant. These wear resistant qualities make Laminate floors perfect for households with pets and children.

Laminates can resemble stone or ceramic tile but are best known as substitutes for wood floors. There are all many kinds of Laminates, not only with different looks but different plank widths and colors that are built to withstand different degrees of traffic. For example, Laminate floors are available with cores ranging from 6mm up to 12mm. Thickness aside, cores differ with density construction. Though a thicker core is more stable, may be less vulnerable to buckling and will sound more like real hardwood when walked on, high-pressure Laminates fare better in durability than a direct pressure laminate will. High-pressure Laminates are usually constructed with higher quality materials to withstand forces in excess of 1000 pounds of pressure during their construction. Our trained consultants can help you determine which laminate is the perfect match for your home.

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