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It’s easy to see why hardwood is the most sought after material in remodeling and new home construction. When maintained correctly, hardwood flooring adds warmth to a home for a lifetime.

Hardwood isn’t merely durable, it’s aesthetically exceptional. No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty, or value of wood.

If you’re interested in installing hardwood floors in your home, visit our showroom. Not only does Harbor Floors and Interiors offer a diverse selection of hardwood species, including many exotics such as Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany, and Bamboo, we specialize in custom site finish hardwood flooring. Our trained consultants can help you select the right hardwood for your home and budget.

Wood Flooring Is…


Hardwood isn’t only a warm and inviting choice, it increases the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is a financial investment that increases the value of your property more and more over time. When cared for and well-protected, hardwood flooring registers as one of the only types of flooring which will not have to be replaced.


How do you maintain hardwood floors? Simple sweeping and vacuuming, making sure your hardwood is protected from moisture, and avoiding scratching from heavy wear. Positive maintenance like area rugs, floor protectors on all furniture and routine maintenance with proper hardwood floor cleaner should always be exercised. When you follow our tips for thoughtful care of your hardwood floors, you will receive a lifetime of enjoyment from them.


Unlike other floor coverings, wood floors come from a natural resource that is sustainable. Long gone are the days when timber was cut down with little thought for the long-term consequences on the nation’s forests. Today, most timber is cut from forests that are carefully managed to ensure continued resources in the future. In fact, there is more standing hardwood timber today than there was 50 years ago.


Hardwood is also an investment in the health of your family.

Do your family members suffer from allergies? Because hardwood does not collect dust mites, it is a safe and non-allergenic choice. Hardwood does not harbor dust mites or molds. This creates better air quality for all inhabitants of your home.

The hard surface of wood flooring also resists the buildup of artificial substances like pesticides that accumulate on some coverings. A recent EPA study found that pesticides used in gardens and homes accumulate on floors and other surfaces in the home, but that wood floors greatly reduce the accumulation of such toxins.


Hardwood floors come in many sizes, styles, colors, finishes and species. The natural color of the wood may vary from plank to plank, and the width of each plank can be varied in installation to add character. Because of these distinctions, along with the endless possibilities provided by stains and finishes, hardwood flooring has the potential to add just as much visual interest as it does value.

We have decades of experience installing Hardwood floors.

Visit our showroom or call us today to speak with a trained consultant.

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