About Harbor Floors and Interiors

Harbor Floors and Interiors: A Trusted Business Built By First-Hand Experience

Gregg Bockart Sr., Founder and Owner of Harbor Floors and Interiors, was an artisan long before he became a small business owner. Gregg began laying flooring as an apprentice at the age of 15. By the time he opened Harbor Floors and Interiors he had spent more than a decade learning the keys to successful flooring installation through hands-on experience.

Through his years of experience in floor covering and his personal love of buying and remodeling homes, Gregg’s expertise has carried over into his business and we are capable of assisting in redesigning and remodeling all areas of your home. Years of custom designing beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, theater rooms, and more has given Gregg the experience and insight to create your dream room.

This hard-earned practical insight informs every decision made by Harbor Floors and Interiors. This allows us to provide our customers with the level of security necessary for a large financial investment like flooring installation.

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Our team is devoted to saving you from costly mistakes and temporary fixes that will eventually require expensive replacement. We are equally committed to offering long-term solutions custom-fit to you and your home.

More a hub for flooring craftspeople than a warehouse for flooring brands, Harbor Floors and Interiors provides an elevated and premium experience to our customers. Gregg Bockart Sr. still personally measures for every job that comes through Harbor Floors and Interiors. Our consultants personally assist guests in selecting the flooring that best fits their home and budget. Finally, our team of tradesman complete each installation to perfection, providing customers with happiness for years to come.

Visit our showroom or call us today to speak with a trained consultant.

We look forward to transforming your home with you.